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Neighborhood recommendation API that delivers accurate results based on your users’ preferences

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PlaceILive API could be integrated in less than 5mins with copy & paste of a 3-line code

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Self-learning system to improve search results

Innovative machine learning based algorithm, which
learns from your users' searches and behaviors

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User Profiles

Detailed user profiles help to
better serve your clients

User Engagement

People who use personalized
search stay online longer and do more

More leads

People who get more accurate
results tend to convert to leads easier


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Neighborhood Match
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Neighborhood Data
Number of neighborhood data pageviews
3,000 30,000 100,000
Google Maps
Number of map requests
3,000 3,000 3,000
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Valuable insights about your user preferences and selections
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Every plan includes


Search algorithm is self-learning, providing constant automated updates and giving more accurate results for your clients

Marketing opportunities

Possibility to create marketing campaigns and uses cases together with our PR team


Uninterrupted service hosted on Google Cloud

24/7 Support

A continuous support via email or live chat

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